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i refuse to accept this, this is too much

Jared Leto Merch Giveaway




Coming outta Giveaway retirement while waiting on word of carnivours tour VyRT-ing and this new blog jus well needs it so..giving away one merch item at random till i know if they will VyRT it or no so..

Common sense rules:

1-Must be following me

2-Most reblogs stand better chances of winning

3-Amusing reaction gifs when RB-ing this is always a plus

4-Likes DO count but yunno

       *5-Reblog as ‘text’

  First item is the Cross baseball Tee  seen here, if im outta your size at time of win you can choose another item from his site except the Haiti book

imageDeadline not set yet, will notify winners via msg and yes shipping to all allowed countries, so good luck all you..


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Here she goes again: Anne Hathaway falling in The Devil Wears Prada bloopers.

I’ll continue to try and balance like a circus act. And I will just fight to always tell the truth. Even if it’s difficult.

Yer sew pretttttttyyyyyy :-*

Awww, bb!! Thank yewwww!

Yew are prettierrrrrr ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

❝ I want to lay down next to you after you’ve had a long stressful day at work or school and your boss/peers were complete assholes to you.. and made your mood descend throughout the remaining hours of the day.
I want to lay there and listen to every single thought that’s on your mind. Everything that’s bothering you or anything you just can’t seem to keep your mind off of.
I won’t interrupt, I promise.
I’ll let you vent for as long as you needed to, while I massage your shoulders, your back, anywhere you’d like.
Instead of interrupting, I’ll kiss you from time to time and make you forget your stressful day.. even for a split second.
I’ll run my fingers softly across every inch of your skin, leaving behind a trail of goose bumps while I make sure and massage the stress out of your tense muscles.
Soon, my hands on your body will make all the problems you’ve been dealing with fade into the background. My fingertips tracing across your jawline will have you staring at my lips mindlessly, craving that first emotionally deep kiss that makes you suddenly forget how to breathe properly.
Once I kiss you, exactly how you want me to, I’ll watch as you try and catch your breath while I’m also trying to catch mine.
I won’t stop there, though. I’ll know exactly how to make you relax after your miserable day. My method of stress relieving therapy will make you moan a little and probably have you gripping the sheets.. but I promise all your tense muscles will be cured after I’m done with you. ❞

- (via mysteriouslesbian)


For my old school best buddy suchsweettemptation Jamie :D

So much porn in one pic… Thank you, Kelly!!!

Empire State building lights up with the colors light blue, white, and yellow in honor of Argentina.